Culture and Customs

Jordan can be regarded as a typically Arab country as its people are very warm, friendly and hospitable. Jordanians are [culture of Jordan]  typically happy to forgive foreigners who innocently ‘break the rules' of etiquette. However, visitors seen to be making an effort to observe local customs will undoubtedly win favor.

Joining local people for a cup of tea or coffee can be a wonderful way to learn more about local culture. If you are invited yet are unable to attend, then it is perfectly acceptable to decline. Place your right hand over your heart and politely make your excuses.

Many families, particularly in rural areas, are very traditional and, if you visit their house, you may well find it is divided between the men and women. Foreign women are often treated as honorary ‘men'.

Being introduced to Jordanian culture through interaction with locals is an amazing experience that is not included enough in Jordan tours. When planning your travel to Jordan, allocating time to experience local culture will not be regrettable. Jordanians are at their best when hosting you at their home. Having a meal at the home of a Jordanian family in a small town or village in Jordan is an unforgettable experience of authentic Jordan.