Safety and Jordan

Last updated:   17  July 2024

Your safety is most important to us.

This is to help you make an informed decision about how safe is it for you to travel to Jordan.

Jordan continues to be a stable and safe destination.

Life in Jordan is running business as usual.

Tourists continue to visit Jordan and tours are running on the ground now.

Our recommendation to you is follow up with the travel advisory that your country provides usually through your embassy in Jordan. In addition, please check with us and share any concern you currently have or may have in the future.

The below links are for travel advisories by selected countries for Jordan:

French Embassy in Jordan
Germany Embassy in Jordan
UK Embassy in Jordan
US Embassy in Jordan

Live stream webcams from Jordan:

Petra live cam 
Amman City Cam

Global Terrorism Index 
The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) is the first index to systematically rank and compare 162 countries according to the impact of terrorism. 
Jordan rank is #85